→ Life Update

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Hey guys! I just want to apologize for my lack of posting here and on other forms of social media. The last two weeks have been really difficult for me. There was a death in my family, as well as the first anniversary of the death of a very close friend. I have a few posts lined up, but I don’t know when I’ll be back to posting frequently… Hopefully soon!

Thanks for understanding, everyone.

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→ April 2014 Goals

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March Goals:
Finish transferring all of my music to my new computer
Yes. Thank goodness! I got it all done before my free trial was up. I transferred my photos as well.

Find my paperwork or request a copy of the inspection paper and refill out the other forms
I went back to Preventative Medicine and got the inspection paper again. I wanted to get all of the paperwork done and handed in to the Housing Office so they can sign off and transfer everything to Legal, but Ryan needed to send the paperwork up his chain of command with a chit just saying that I’m starting my own business. So, the paperwork was sitting in Security (his section) for several days before it bounced back because I didn’t have one of the papers notarized, which I thought would happen once everything got to legal, but apparently not. So we had to go to legal and get it notarized and now it’s all going back up his chain of command. Who knows when I’ll be able to start my business.

→ Practice hooping… a lot
I practiced a bit, but not as much as I would have liked. I get frustrated after a few minutes. Ugh.

Get into a routine
Finally! My therapist wrote his dissertation on sleep, so he knows a whole lot about it. We decided that I would work on Sleep Restriction Therapy and right now we’re finding my optimal sleep time. I’m almost up to nine hours though and if I get there he wants to request a sleep study to make sure everything is okay with me. I’m mostly terrified going out in town and I’m about 100% positive that I would have to go to a doctor’s office out in town for it. Plus, stay overnight hooked up to machines… so… not a fan.

→ Do the stretches from physical therapy every other day (at least)
Nope. Not even once. And I’m sure that all of the pain I have is all my fault cos I should be doing a bunch of stretches that I’m not doing.

April Goals:
→ Participate in Camp NaNoWriMo
I’ve only every done NaNoWriMo, and normally I’m researching a ton instead of actually writing so I’d like to take advantage of the April Camp to do research and then maybe use July’s to accomplish an outline so I can actually write during NaNoWriMo.

→ Practice and master airbrushing and doing makeup
On the 26th, I’m doing my first ever photo shoot as a makeup artist and it’s an all-day event with upwards of 10 models. I’ve never worked on anyone else but myself so it’s definitely going to be outside of my comfort zone. I have two friends that said they’d be guinea pigs, but one is out of the area for the first two weeks at least and the other is super busy with her business. Either way, I should probably at least practice on myself.

→ Do my stretches from physical therapy
I’m in pain and I need to start doing my stretches. Pretty self-explanatory.

→ Clean and organize
My apartment is a mess. On top of that, Ryan and I want to move the cats’ litter box to a closet, move my makeup area into our spare bedroom, clean out and organize our hall closet, put away laundry, and probably a million other things.

→ Finish Crime School
I’m about half way through so it shouldn’t be super difficult to finish.

→ Try out some new baking recipes
If I ever get my paperwork back and where it needs to go, I’d like to have more than a few recipes to rely on. Plus, I need to bake more.

What are your goals for this coming month?

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→ Kitsch’s Caboodles Vol. 11

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→ Sunday Social Vol. 7

Here is this week’s Sunday Social!
Sunday Social

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One More Pin I Love

Feel free to leave your answers (or link to your Sunday Social post) in a comment!

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→ What Being a Fat Woman is Really Like

I noticed that a few lovely ladies that I follow were answering questions from a recent Cosmo article on their blogs and I decided it might be nice if I posted mine as well. It seems that Claire from A Monkey Fatshionista came up with the idea! Here is Elena from Frivolous Mrs. D‘s post and here is the post from Becky of Does My Blog Make Me Look Fat? and below are my answers!

How do you feel when other women around you complain about feeling/being fat?
Awful. Most of the women I hear complaining are nowhere near being fat, and the complaining just reinforces that fat is bad/ugly/gross.

How has your body image changed since high school? College?
My body image varies, honestly. As a child, I never really liked my body (being one of the first girls with boobs didn’t help) and I had severe body issues throughout high school. As a freshman, I started out around 140lbs, but because of a certain medication I was put on, I ended that year at 210 and that was a problem to me. After high school, I was finally back to 170 or so (which was still medically considered overweight for my height of 5’5″) and I was okay with that. Just okay though. It wasn’t until 2012 that I really, truly loved myself. I fluctuated anywhere from 170lbs-190lbs, but I was confident and loved my body. It lasted a good, solid year… then just like before, a medication changed my weight to 260lbs. That’s where I am now and I can’t honestly say that my body image is positive. Not being in control of my own body brought me way down. I’m currently focusing on finding that love again. A lot of it has to do with owning clothes that fit my body. I only really have several things I can wear that fit. And it sucks.

Have you tried dieting? What happened?
I’ve been on Weight Watchers a few times and each time I lost some weight. I think it’s the one mainstream “diet” that I’m okay with (at least for me) because I can still choose what I want to eat. I don’t like restricting myself to two food groups or only being able to eat one actual meal. I don’t like diets really. For me, Weight Watchers rides the line on “diet” and “lifestyle.” Even if I’m not doing the program, I’m still mindful of what I eat vs how much exercise.

Do you think in your case your weight is partly or entirely genetic?
Not really. My body shape probably is, though. Even when I was at 140lbs, I was still a size 8/10 because of my large bust and hips. I’ll never be small no matter what my weight is and I’m 100% alright with that.

Do you consider yourself healthy? Have there been instances where people have assumed you are unhealthy?
I’m not super healthy. I eat fast food more than I’d like, but it’s almost been a whole year since I quit smoking and I exercise. I’m sure that people assume I’m unhealthy, especially when I’m getting my vitals done by the corpsmen at medical. My heart rate is always around 100 bpm and though my blood pressure is normal, I’m sure it’s on the higher side of normal. Those things have everything to do with my severe anxiety and not much to do with my body.

Are your parents both supportive of the weight you’re at? Have they always been?
Always supportive. I don’t think there was ever a time that either of my parents made me feel bad about myself.

How do you think retailers can improve clothes for plus-size people?
Cutting costs would be awesome. There’s no reason that a dress for “straight sizes” is $10, and the same one in the plus section is $50. I can kind of understand our bras being more expensive because of support, but I still think that I should be able to find a cute bra, my size, that holds up for more than one wear for $30 or less. More options when it comes to styles, actually stocking plus sizes in brick and mortar stores, on-trend clothing, less tigers (come on, really?)… I could go on all day. Oh! And using actual fat people as models.

Do you think plus-sized women are judged differently to plus-sized men? How?
To a point, yes. Most diets and the pressure from society is aimed at women. It seems that fat men also have less issues when it comes to sex and dating. Fat men still have to face some of the same stereotyping and fat-shame that women face, but I can’t really speak much on this issue because I’m not a plus-sized man.

Do you think there is an assumption made/stereotypes that exist about plus-size people? How would you respond to it?
Ugh, yes. Lazy, gross, unprofessional, unhealthy, eating (usually something super awful for human consumption) machines. It’s just not the case though. Every person is different.

Do you think there’s ever a right way/time to express concern about someone’s weight?
Yes. One: If you are 99% positive that someone has an eating disorder, you should talk to them about it. Two: If you are a medical professional and someone has a disease or high risk of developing one and the claim is legitimate, then it should be talked about. Those are the only two times I can think of that expressing concern is okay. Do not push though, that person is the owner of their body. Be respectful.

What are the worst things people have said to you about your weight?
I don’t remember. I was teased as a kid and there have been times over the internet that people have taken stabs at me, but I don’t recall any specific remarks. Nothing in public as an adult, luckily, it’s mostly just staring.

How did you respond?
I probably didn’t respond.

What have people said (or do you wish they’d say) that would compliment your body or appearance?
I used to be complimented all of the time on my appearance while living in Vermont (2010-2012). It was all mostly on my style/aesthetics, but it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a compliment that I can remember.

Do you find yourself hanging out with women who are closer to your size?
Not really. Out here, there aren’t that many women who are my size and I don’t really care what someone looks like either way. Though I can say on the internet, I find myself making friends with other fat babes (because of the plus size community and fatshion blogs and body positivity) more than people who aren’t my size.

How has your weight affected your sex life, if at all?
It has. But it’s me more than anything else. Now that I have almost zero confidence in myself, my sex life has suffered a bit.

When you’ve been single, has your weight affected your dating life?
When I was single, it didn’t really.

Do you feel weird if the guy you’re with only dates larger women?
I never felt weird about it.

Do you feel weird if he’s only dated slimmer women before you?
I never did, except once. That was because it was brought up, by him, in a negative way.

Have you had any similar experiences? What do you think of the article?

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→ March 2014 Goals


These were my goals for February:
Didn’t finish a book, but I am actively reading Shell Game by Carol O’Connell; one chapter a night.

Pass inspection
Wham, bam, totally passed! Except somehow all of my paperwork went missing… so I can’t submit it… so I can’t start my business yet. Such is my life.

Bake and take pictures
I made a banana bread and a peanut butter pie! Took pictures of both.

Set up Kitsch Cait and Kitsch Vixen
I’m still sorting things out, but my main focus of this goal was to make this post, and I did, so hooray!

Make a list of places/things to do while living in Japan
I’ve started one with my husband. So far we have, like, five things, but that’s better than nothing!

Meet a new person
I got my hair done a little over a week ago, and the woman who did it is super nice. I’ll definitely go back to her in the future and maybe even see if she’s available to hang out.

→ Do something special with my husband
Nope. This didn’t happen.

→ Finish transferring all of my music to my new computer
Ugh, what a painful and tedious process. I got a Macbook Pro for my Anniversary/Valentine’s Day/tax refund present and I need to get all of my music from my desktop (a PC) onto it pretty soon. I signed up for ADrive.com because Dropbox was taking forever and didn’t give me much room for storage, plus I got a free month. Ideally, I’d like to finish before my free month is up.

→ Find my paperwork or request a copy of the inspection paper and refill out the other forms
Although I had everything all ready for my husband to send up his chain of command, he can no longer do it because the paperwork seems to have just vanished. It’s not where I put it and I’ve looked everywhere else. I like to believe that I’m very organized when it comes to important things, so I was devastated when I went to hand over my papers to the hubby and there was nothing there to hand over.

→ Practice hooping… a lot
As of right now, I can’t do anything except halos, but I’ve only been at it for three days! I really want to be able to do more than 5 waist hooping revolutions by April. I’ll either be doing 15 minutes or an hour a day, but I’ll take a day off if the bruising gets bad. I’m super excited to be able to hoop! I’ve already bought my second one!

→ Get into a routine
My husband is back on the dreaded night schedule. That means I get to choose whether I want to do it with him and have weird, sporadic hours or not do it and only have a several hours to spend with my husband on his days off and maybe one or two hours to spend with him on work days. I had decided that I didn’t want to sleep past 0900, but what I really want is to wake up by 0600. If I can’t get into a (day) routine by the end of March, I’ll go on night’s with my husband.

→ Do the stretches from physical therapy every other day (at least)
I just had my second appointment with the base’s physical therapist and boy did she give me SO MANY more stretches to do. I’m half excited and half overwhelmed, but I know that I don’t need to do every single stretch every single day. I’ll be making up a schedule for them this month. I can’t wait to not have constant back pain.

What are your goals for this coming month?

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→ Kitsch’s Caboodles Vol. 10

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