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Sunday Social

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February 2014 Goals

Wedding Cake

Our two year anniversary is on the tenth this month, so here’s a picture of our wedding cake!

→ Read
I’ve set up a profile on GoodReads and started a “Books To Read” board on Pinterest, so I will hopefully start chipping away on those lists, or read the fifth book in the Mallory’s Oracle series.

→ Pass inspection
I’ve taken my ServSafe course for food handling already, so now I just need to pass my home inspection and finish up the paperwork and I’ll be good to go with my baking business!

→ Bake and take pictures
I’ll need pictures of my work for Cait’s Kitschen (whatcha think of the name?) so customers have an idea of what my baked good look like. Plus, it’ll be nice to open up my range of recipes/what I normally bake as well.

→ Set up Kitsch Cait and Kitsch Vixen
I know that taking on two blogs is going to be time-consuming and not the easiest thing to do, but I really want to keep Kitsch Vixen as my primary blog and more professional and I figure that on this blog, I can be way more open (and maybe even swear a little -gasp-) and be myself. Not that I’m not myself on Kitsch Vixen, but I don’t really go into detail of my hardships and whatnot there.

→ Make a list of places/things to do while living in Japan
One thing that I have on my 2014 To Do List is to go on more adventures and experience Kyushu more than I have my first year here. All I’ve done so far is visit the Biopark (which I’m totally going back to), visit my local ginza a handful of times, and I ate out twice. That’s not anything at all and I don’t want to leave here in 2016 and regret not doing anything.

→ Meet a new person
I know a few people out here, but I really only hang out with (and consider myself friends with) two sets of couples. One couple is leaving possibly in the next month or two and the other has one more year. That leaves me with one whole year all by my lonesome (not counting the hubby and gremlins, of course) and I’d really like to have at least one other person I can spend time with once my friends are gone.

→ Do something special with my husband
Within one week of February, our anniversary, Valentine’s Day, and his birthday happen. I’d like to do something or go somewhere (hopefully during that week) with the hubby to celebrate. We don’t normally do much, so even eating at the Chili’s on base would be nice.

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